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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not Great Britain, but Dear England

Not Great Britain, but Dear England

Dear England, how I love you,
I will never leave your side.
No other land is calling me...
'With thee I will abide'.

Your towns are steeped in history
From centuries long gone by.
Cathedrals grand and beautiful
Reach high towards the sky.

All nature wakes from early dawn
In England in the spring,
When tiny lambs demure are born
And choirs of children sing.

Such splendour shines in summer
Emerald leaves adorn each tree,
Sweet roses of all colours bloom
with imposing dignity.

Sad memories of a battle fought
Some seventy years ago
Live on within the minds of men
As the British archives show.

O Queen and Country so beloved
Great poets exalt your name...
Distinguished seat of learning
A majestic hall of fame.

I walk along your peaceful shores
My heart is filled with pride,
And with tears of joy I sign a pledge
'With thee I shall abide'.

Joyce Hemsley


Thank you, Joyce!

You can see the original poem here.

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