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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Green Card maze!

The Green Card process for acquiring Permanent Resident status in the United States can be a real maze. I should know - I've been building up to the end of the process for six years. I'm pleased to say I've now received my 'Conditional' Green Card. This means that in two years my case is reviewed again (with a second interview).

At that time, if all is well, I receive the holy grail of Permanent Resident Status - a 10-year card instead of the conditional 2-year card! But that's all in the future...

For now, I'm happy to make it through Stage 1 of the Green Card good times. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to ask them in the Comments to this post. I can at least convey my experience to you, which may be helpful.

Cheers, America!
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  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I have an F-1 visa - can I apply for a Green Card while still on the visa? So I'd change over before my F-1 expires...I heard this is possible.

  2. If this was once possible (and I'm sure sure it was), it is no longer. Basically, you must relinquish one status in order to change to another - you would need to do what is called "adjustment of status." There is a grace period after your F-1 expires of 60 days during which time you must gain a new status, or you will become what is called "out of status" (effectively illegal). If I were you, I'd put in the application as soon as your F-1 expires. Once they receive the application successfully and it's being processed, the 60 days no longer applies. Good luck!