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Friday, February 23, 2007

Road Trip 2: European Vacation

Dear England, Road Trip is back! This posting is a shameless act of declaring my joy at the holiday/vacation heading my way this summer. I tenuously defend this communcation on the basis that Road Trip 1, a frightening skirmish in a large 5-door 4X4 Toyoka construction containing 5 clueless English lads occasionally driving into oncoming traffic (with momentary horror before realizing a basic rule of driving in another country - other countries drive on the wrong side!) was a grand success. Back then in 2005 we nutted it down to New Orleans from DC via Virginia (encompassing an amusing lost American town called Bristol (isn't that a city?), a dump, half the town bizarrely located in Virginia and half in Tennessee - and I thought American states were big enough), through Nashville (rockbilly happy-do-lucky town of joyful wasters, and big hats) and Memphis (beautifully-wasted Graceland grave) over the stilts of Lake Pontchartrain, into the wonder of the Big Easy, cajun country, hot spices and hotter (drunker) people, and a lot of frickkin' hot-hell weather!

But to get back to the point. This time it's closer to "home", more "personal", potentially "safer" supposing Europe remains the seat of civilization (and that's a lie). But I can't wait anyway! Rotterdam-Amsterdam-Munich-Berlin-Prage: bring it on baby! The English Boys are brinign' it, American-style. This time it's the motherlands, the homelands, the heartlands, the little countires, and the clock is ticking...I just want a holiday!

Okay, I guess it's not til' May. But it is snowing in DC. Small mercies: be thankful, thou shameless blog-artist and reader. We're all goin' on a...summer holiday!
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