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Friday, May 20, 2011

New publishing venture: Parkgate Press goes live!

Parkgate Press is a new, independent publisher of literary and crime fiction (imprint Dionysus Books), non-fiction and academic books (imprint F Street Books) and poetry (imprint Prometheus Poetry). Our hardbacks are published by Parkgate Originals and our e-book by Parkgate Digital.

We seek to bring those titles to the marketplace which are often overlooked by mainstream publishers, works we believe have a distinctive voice and can reach a viable audience. We supply directly to Amazon and

We are welcoming submissions and proposals for academic mongraphs (including Ph.D. dissertations), novellas, literary novels (up to 160,000 words), crime novels (up to 100,000 words), short story collections, poetry collections, general non-fiction (especially history), and biographies (especially literary biographies).

All Parkgate Press books are printed on acid-free paper.
Please visit the appropriate submissions page:

For fiction, please see the Dionysus Books submissions page.

For academic, please see the F Street Books submissions page.

For non-fiction, please see the Woodgate Books page.

For poetry, please see the Prometheus Poetry submissions page.

For e-books and audiobooks (a-books), please see the Parkgate Digital page.

For hardbacks, please see the Parkgate Originals page.

For classic literature, please see the Parkgate Classics page.

A British and American Joint Publishing Enterprise.
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  1. this is very interesting, good luck with it. I'm fascinated by the notion of a skull in Sir David Attenborough's garden, at least you're not saying yard yet.