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Monday, January 31, 2011

Interview for Discovery Channel's "Deadly Women" (February 2011)

On 16th February 2011, I will be interviewing as a 'talking head' for Beyond Productions's television show "Deadly Women" in New York, NY. No doubt I will be fitted with a suitable office-like set for transplanting DC to NYC!

I have been invited to speak about the subject of my second novel, Kate Webster, one of an episode's featured subjects. "Deadly Women" will air in the US on Investigation Discovery during this fall's 5th season of the show, from August 2011. You can watch previous episodes of the show here.

To read more about my novel THE MURDERESS AND THE HANGMAN please click here.

I am also writing a non-fiction 'true crime' version of the story called THE LADY, THE MAID AND THE HANGMAN here.
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