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Thursday, April 02, 2009

London transport!

I made it home!

I tried to walk to a nearby cinema. Here's what happened - the walk was a nice hour and a half, a long way, but I caught the bus to shave off the first 30 minutes. Then I figured the best way from Hendon to Kensal Rise (across North London) was the overland train to West Hampstead, then walk. So far so good.
On the way back, however, I realized that the train was moving quite fast. The first stop flew by (mine was the second) and no one really looked up. Then I realized it was a packed train. Okay, I might be on the wrong train...Then a kind of sinking feeling as Hendon flew by with no sign of the train stopping. Clearly I was on the express, and then it hit me - to Bedford. In Bedforshire. That's Bedfordshire, as in, not London. As in another county, called Bedfordshire. Bedfordshire!
It took me three hours to get home. Anyway, it was surprisingly okay, as it stopped at St. Albans, half way home. I got the stopping train back, which was empty of course, because who travels into London at 9 pm on a week night? Me apparently.
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