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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Enjoy yourselves!

This one is for America folks - London buses are now sporting advertisements from the British atheists...and apparently people are responding positively. Click the bus above for the full story!

Why not call the campaign "enjoy yourself with no consequences"?

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  1. There's actually a similar campaign afoot in DC. There was an article in last week's (11/20) A.V. Club, in "The Onion."

    I won't get into the atheist vs. theist debate, but I must say that I find Sherine's logic . . . confusing, to say the least. How exactly is she making the move from advertisements that tell people to enjoy their lives to political activism that seeks to establish a secular government (a government that, you know, would tell you what to believe)? One can be secular in the public sphere while still believing in God.

    Also, Christians generally might argue that following Christian doctrine doesn't require them to sacrifice their personal enjoyment. As always, it comes down to a matter of perspective. Some people might actually enjoy spending an hour every week going to mass than to spend at least an equal amount of time watching friggin' CNN, which isn't enjoyable for anyone (and if it is for you, well, you need to get a life).

    Additionally, we should all take a look at the show "17 Kids and Counting" on TLC. Those people are absolutely insane, and they give Chritians a bad name. Still, the father, Jim Bob, gets laid quite a bit--in the name of God, no less--so I can't really see how he isn't enjoying himself at least as much as your average secularist.