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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Is that my Dad in a Ferrari or what?

Dear England, A lifetime ambition, a few weeks ago my Dad got his boyhood dream realized - he got to drive in a Ferrari!

This took place on a F3 course, and in my Dad's own words, "I'll never buy a Ferrari, but the drive was speed on the back straight...153mph...fastest bend 92mph...I even impressed myself....and for the last 2 laps the instructor went quiet!"

Glad to hear they both made it back! Apparently the road Ferrari has an annoying design where the gear changes are not on the steering wheel - as they would be in the Formula One car. Clearly these road cars weren't made for 153mph race courses!

Watch out for those cones!

You can just see him behind the wheel in this one - next stop Beijing!
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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Good job your mother was only a spectator...and she forgot the camera...had to pay £25 for these pics

  2. This took place at PRO-DRIVE in KENILWORTH, WARWICKSHIRE for all you Ferrari fans.

    Go Lewis Hamilton!