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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ronnie O'Sullivan in the final!

Meet Ronnie "the Rocket" O' Sullivan, America. Ronnie is the current World Snooker Champion as of last weekend, the May bank holiday in England. After sweeping the former 6-times champion, ol' moody Scot Stephen Hendry aside in one of the biggest routings of Hendry's highly successful career, Ronnie went on to win the final against Ali Carter 18-8 to take his third World Championship crown in Sheffield.

Snooker is noticeably absent in America, where pool is king. No doubt there is something old-fashioned about the game, but this is its glory. The modern game no longer takes endless days and literally hundreds of "frames" (individual games) to play. But it does take long sessions that are no doubt to an American sensibility and need for speed! It's a bit like the cricket to America's baseball, although arguably snooker is a game of genius, where pool is game of fast wrist-snapping talent - the way it's played in the States at least. In the old days (the 70s!), snooker was a gentleman's game played by thugs, while the modern game is so fast with so many breaks it's more a thug's game played by clean-cut gents. But back in the days of Alex "Hurricane Higgins" things were different...America, you need to check out the big daddy of all pool games, the vast green baize of the snooker table!

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