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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Bachelor is a Brit!

Dear England, Yes the American TV station/network ABC's reality TV show/program (phew!) has clearly reached its zenith with the introduction of a Brit to play the lead. What an odd show. Mr. Matt Grant has decided he wants to settle down, so what better way than to date 25 women simultaneously. What will the happy couple have in common on their honeymoon? How they spent their time around 24 girls, how you kissed them all, and how your wife was forced to live with them? Well, it's down to 2 girls, and now the destination is London, where one will lose - Matt Grant's hand in marriage - and the other will win. Are you excited? Fatigued? Bored by such strangeness? Am I taking it too seriously? I seem to remember there was a successful pairing on Cilla Black's Blind Date in the 80s that resulted in a marriage. So far the Bachelor has produced one marriage too. So many casualties, so many pointless fired emotions, game-playing, and dumb pretending to be in the running, and getting all upset when cut from the race. Oh well, we can't get enough. Of course I'm missing the point. But what more sexist show is there that has one men field a herd of women like the bull in the field while they all fight for his simulated affection. Go TV!
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