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Sunday, August 12, 2007

David Beckham, Where He Should Be

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  1. well Matt, seems your blog and your american adventure got you absolutely nowhere. Its now November 2008 and there are no comments!!!!! (except mine)
    Let me tell you where David Beckham is... from an Englishman who lives overseas.
    Becks IS the three lions on our shirt. He is possibly the best player our game has ever seen, he is good looking for the mass media and he has shown our youth what can be done.
    I guess you are from america as your hopless blog suggests.
    You too have heros. I remember Dan Morinio and Babe Ruth.
    Becks plays a game that the whole world plays. Not just americans.
    Its not a world series (american only), Its a world cup. Everyone is there. You yanks should try it one day. Competing against someone else except yourselves.
    Write back and we can develop this more.
    Unless your caught up in American issues, of course.