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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The World's Best Candy Bars? English, of Course

Hello England, Ever wondered why chocolate is so different in America? Or the UK? Well look no further than this New York Times article that reveals the obession and love people have for their British choccy bars!

Whether it's Curly Wurly, Dairy Milk, Maltesers or Crunchie, you can get it in America at an online ex-pat store. There may even be one in your area. For one thing, Giant Supermarket in the US has an International food section. But most cities in the US have their very own ex-pat British Foods store. I hate to say it, but Google has the answer!

In the meantime check out The World's Best Candy Bars? English, of Course if you've forgotten just how amazing Cadburys and Nestle are! Hersheys is a bit bitter for the British palette and I was surprised to find they make their own version of Cadbury's chocolate!
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