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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Foggy Bottom, Sad But True

Dear England, Yes I live in a place called Foggy Bottom. Below is the diamond of the District of Columbia, aka Washington, DC. Foggy Bottom is the site of the old Historic District

and the George Washington University, now offically the most expensive university in the USA for undergrads to attend, paying a whoppy $200,000 over 4 years. If you think that's worth it, you must be a Texan oil billionaire. True to its name Foggy Bottom is near the river, so if the money don't get you, the famous GW mascot hippo - the fabled river horse of George Washington's days on the Potomac - might! Put it this way, there ain't no river horse and due to GW's expansion there ain't much of the Historic District. But there's a lot of money in them there Board o' Directors hills! Check out for the glory of America's finest!

Foggy Bottom is named after an old DC gasworks. German and Irish immigrants were housed in nineteenth century laborers' houses no bigger than your London dorm room and now worth millions...As they say stateside, go figure!
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