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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dear England, You Don't Know Cold

Somehow I never get used to the cold in DC, England. I console myself that every day of freezing bright skies, sun shining, and 5 below achieves me the perfect summer's day in May. That's how it works in the Big Country: actual seasons. I've long brushed off the rainy, grey, drizzly, dark winter weather we know and love in the UK. But I regret it now! It's bloody cold in Washington! I don't like John Kettley weather where the snow turns to ice faster than the sugar to alcohol. I don't eat yellow snow, but some of the gales in the past week have been beyond brass monkeys, and beyond a joke. Oh for a pint of winter warmer! (And winter weather that hovers above freezing). I miss you, oh happy certainty of English weather!
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