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Saturday, October 17, 2009

PS22 Chorus "RUN THIS TOWN" Jay-Z Rihanna & Kanye West

Dear England, check out the kids from Public School 22, in NYC!

"Yeah, the new group is really starting to come together! Here is the hip hop anthem "Run This Town" performed by the new PS22 Chorus of 2010! Thanks to the Mr. Eberle for the acoustic guitar-work. And serious props to Karinna, who does the fantastic leading, and to Alyssa, who really gets down on the rap.

Rewritten rap lyrics:

We are
Yeah I said it, we are
We will be the leaders
Look at us. We're fearless
Don'tcha wanna be us?
P.S. We're the chorus

22 is poppin'
Don't believe that we are stoppin'
Cuz the music that we're droppin'
You can see that we are rockin'
Out the stage and we ain't frontin'
Lemme tell ya little something
22's gon be runnin'
Running this town tonight"
To see more of the songs of PS22, check out their blog here!
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