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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama's America - but no electioneering!

Election Day is here at last. But apparently, according to T-shirt seller (who are worried about inciting riots), in some states it’s "prohibited to wear political gear at the voting booths. In fact, donning political attire may result in your being turned away - and in some cases, your arrest.

By definition, displaying political messages on T-Shirts, buttons and such is considered “Electioneering” (defined as, to work actively for a political party). To prevent voter intimidation, electioneering is not allowed near some state’s voting booths. Be sure to look into restrictions in your neck of the woods. To get you started here are a few recent articles discussing electioneering":

Issue of what not to wear emerges as voters go to polls:

County won’t allow “passive electioneering”:

I am a fan of since I have my own shop here selling everything from sweatshirts to postcards! Cafepress lets you easily become a business partner, so I set up a few weeks ago, and I've already sold a mug!

This time next year, I'll be a millionaire (Rodney)!

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  1. Wait, there's an election today? In the US? For . . . for the office of President of the United States? Seriously?!?! How long have you been sitting on this information? Man, I better get out and vote. Who are the candidates? Does anyone know?

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  4. I've known about this campaign for 2 years now, since it began!

    Apparently, it happens every 4 years as well, like the Olympics and the World Cup.

    The next World Cup is in South Africa in 2010.

    Do what you will with this precious information! :)

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