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Friday, September 05, 2008

Austin, Texas Wedding! (American Wedding 2008)

Last weekend I did my job as Best Man at my buddy's (US) / mate's (UK) John (Boy) Shaw's wedding, which he had in Austin, Texas baby!

It was a beautiful, lavish and memorable weekend. The boy Shaw, the dreamer-schemer romanic-believer, stepped up and characterisitically lacking in nerves, hitched his wagon to the girl from Richmond, Texas. I made sure the ring was there.

Good luck to Malcolm and Alana who got married the very next day in a helicopter flying over the Las Vegas Strip. We wish we could have kept the party going in Vegas (baby)!

Austin, though, proved to be a fun town - if you're not in the bars on 6th street, the mad ones, you're in the cool open-air ranch bars of 4th street with the slightly older crowd. It was the first day of class and suddenly there were 8-9000 students on these streets. We naturally wore our Road Trip (American Wedding 2008) T-shirts and cowboy hats. Is there such a thing as a British Urban cowboy?

Congrats to the Nunans-Shaws and the Duncansons!

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