Deadly Women (with Matt Fullerty)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Matt Fullerty is disliked by...

The best review for my novel The Pride and the Sorrow is available here. Thanks again Geoff!

"What made Matt Fullerty's writing stand out, from the very first sentence, was an unusually strong and individual way with words. Taking us into the vanished world of old America and Europe he uses a highly textured language to give an almost physical experience of being in that place and time. Drawing subtle lines between a society top-heavy with leisure and the profligate genius it produced in Morphy, he holds back the historical and personal reckoning while letting it gather and brood like the storm that finally washes away New Orleans. In my view this makes THE PRIDE AND THE SORROW a stand-out all rounder in the craft of literary fiction."

Other reviews are available here - all of which I appreciate!
Cheers internet people!
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