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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cruising with Pope Benedict XVI

The Pope!
Ah, yes, the day the Pope came to Washington. He is a rock star! I thought Bush was a Born-again Christian, so did they talk doctrine all afternoon? All I know is that he was cruising down Pennsylvania Avenue, three blocks from my pad, about midday and I went up to take a quick snap, but he was already gone. Apparently he was leaving the White House to mobile-it to the Vatican Embassy - presumably something on Massachusetts' Embassy Row - and I was there at 12.10 and he'd already hop-scotched it away. The music was playing from the crowds, but the Pope had left me with empty road...I looked for the clouds of glory trailing behind the bullet-proof mobile, but it was just hard tarmac. That's what you get when you miss the Pope going by. Wonder how I'll explain that one at the Pearly Gates!

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