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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

American Beauty!

In the words of Pele, if football is "the beautiful game" and the world's game, there is nothing more beautiful to an American than American football!

Ann Arbor was a pretty college town. Lots of ice cream places and book shops! We went to the football game, which was Americna in the extreme - a brass band, cheerleaders, and 105,000 people. Apparently it was the most attended game of the whole season, and the stadium is the biggest in America. So I got the full experience!
The sky was blue, and I really felt I was at the ends of the earth, watching this game that means so much in America (and so little everywhere else)! Before the game we "tailgated" which basically means opening the back of the "truck" and sitting around drinking "Coors Light" from 9AM until the game at 12PM. That was a bit strange, especially as it took place on a golf course where people were playing "Bocce" - the American name for boules - on the grass!

Michigan football colours are yellow and blue just like both my college and grad school colours, strangely enough. Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford is yellow and blue, and George Washington University proudly hails what it calls "the buff and the blue"!
Go figure!
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