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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hong Kong by Night, Twice!

This is Hong Kong by night. Quite simply a breathtaking view, a bit like a panoramic Manhattan. New York is kinda a line of impressive skyscrapers, Hong Kong is more of a circular habour with buildings everywhere! The most impressive sight was the combined lights and fireworks show that happened at 8PM every night. Plus if you turned on the radio there was synchronized music - like Chinese elevator music - to go with the show! We watched from our YMCA corner suite! Everything was in celebration of Hong Kong's 10-year anniversary as ending its 300 years under the British. It is currently the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and in 50 years will be fully Chinese. Quite simply, I had an amazing time.

This is Hong Kong from up on the hill behind Hong Kong Island. What a sight! You take the cable car up the mountain to get this view of the whole Fragrant Harbor (the translation of Hong Kong)!
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  1. Any comments to go with the photos or how the trip went?