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Friday, April 27, 2007

Lounge Bar Patriots!

We hope you enjoy your stay
Outside the sun is shining
It seems like heaven ain't far away

It's good to have you with us
Even if it's just for the day!

Good afternoon England! The 80s revisionist Duran Duran pop synth rock band The Killers played the Patriot Center, Virgina, last night, and were...kinda good! My expectations were high after two albums of infectious pop woven for lost souls of the road - and college girls - but I was out of my seat (yes, seat) and captivated by the all-American light show, sad-to-say giant video screen and merry antics of the band! Clearly Brandon Flowers is a weekend Mormon British church-goer. But The Killers were clearly playing for the Promised Land of the lost American highway only trapped in a Tony Bennett themed Las Vagas bar-room. But you'd have to be a communist and 100% straight not to be a little seduced by the crimson glory of their disaffected heatstrung ballads, songs of crushed teenage angst and bored mayhem. Fun was had! I can always listen to Megadeth another time (but why would I want to?)
We danced, we queued for $7 Miller Lite, we got the wrist band for the drinks, got the ID checked, got the police directions, got told okay for alcohol from the interior staff (depsite my tender 30 years) and got the wrist band checked for more drinks, got moved from the dance floor (the security no doubt enhanced after Virginia Tech) and still enjoyed the spectacle. Did I ever say I love this country, England! For two hours I bowed to a much-loved British band (from the Nevada desert) as only a lost Anglophile can! I still have the Queen's head on my passport!

I've been down across a road or two
But now I've found the velvet sun

That shines on me and you!

Not to be confused with the Ernest Hemingway - filmed with Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner - short story The Killers!
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