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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fragrant Harbor!

Hello England, Welcome to the summer! After a disastrous three weeks of late winter in "the nation's capital" with a strange storm, high winds, snow and English drizzle, spring has finally sprung! The Japanese cherry blossoms have opened their ten-day buds only to freeze and die just as the beautiful weather breaks, but America still loves Japan baby! And to prove it, I just have to get on a 16-hour flight to land in the land of the rising sun! A friend of mine is heading to Tokyo from Shanghai and lands at midnight half an hour before she takes off, and comedy will ensue, mostly getting lost in translation on the Bullet Train around the beautiful former fascist little isle. I used to be schizophrenic but we're okay now! My plan is to spend 10 days touring Japan, then cut away like an far eastern fruit for 3 days in the fragrant harbour of Hong Kong!

What has this got to do with England? Well, Hong Kong was a former British colony of course before Chris Patten gave it back in an amusing little ceremony to shrink the former power of Britain, before Tony B. developed his democratic scheme to spread freedom to the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Irish Stormont, if only stretching it a bit far with Iraq! Quit when you're ahead I say. And when you can't, go east, my son! The dawn breaks in the east and a new day beckons, with sushi for breakfast, Saki for lunch and karaoke for dinner! O my God! Bring me the breezy mountains and misty paradise of Hong Kong harbor, and I'll promise to let the Chinese have their island jewel (so long as they leave Taiwan alone for just a little longer). I kid you China! Keep sending the laptops!
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  1. Cyndy7:17 PM

    I love that picture of the boat! I wonder if one can actually take a ride on something like that!